2014-12-18 We had an amazing evening in Munich!!! Chiggy check it out people!! Brrrrrraaaapp!!!! Tomorrow it's Hamburg, Molotow. Boom!
2014-12-18 München you guys were amazing!!! Tonight we play Karlsruhe at Substage!!! Brrrrapp!!! #hoffmaestro #karlsruhe #substage #eurotour2014 @jompalistic Foto: @augustneon
2014-12-17 München tonight we'll play our best gig ever at Strom!!! Congrats!! See u at 21.30!! #hoffmaestro #münchen #strom
2014-12-17 Nijmegen was fantastic! Amazing energy! Tonight we'll take over Munich!!!
2014-12-15 Nijmegen!!! Fantastic energy on a Sunday!!! We'll see you guys soon again!!! #hoffmaestro #nijmegen #holland
2014-12-15 London was fantastic last night!! We had a blast! Much love to Gogol Bordello for the hospitality!! One of the realest crews out there!!
2014-12-13 London!!! Tonight is gonna be crazy... Take a look at
Amsterdam part 2 to get a sneak peak of what's coming. Boom!

Follow us on tour through Europe. We'll be posting recaps after every gig! Amsterdam Part 2. Enjoy! Hoffmaestro 2014, european tour! Boom!
2014-12-13 A pint an some fish n chips in wonderful Camden before the gig at the legendary Roundhouse!! Get there early we start at 19.20!! #hoffmaestro #gogolbordello #elmariachidelbronx #roundhouse #london
2014-12-13 London tonight we open for The fantastic Gogol Bordello at The Roadhouse!! TUNUP!!! #hoffmaestro #gogolbordello #london #eurotour2014
2014-12-12 Amsterdam!! Last night was such a fakking rave, that we decided to put two films up! One today and one tomorrow! We can't get enough of your energy!! We'll be back for you guys soon!! That's a promise!!
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